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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  December 26, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the first forecast. an ugly day. now mostly a rain situation. there's some weather weather on the board. take a look. that's where the winter weather advisories will be. some wet showers in southern carroll county. as you go north, you get into a changeover zone. fairly light to the west. you can see why temperatures are below freezing. you will get yergt -- wintry weather. mid to upper 30s. a new storm is on the board and it's headed our way for saturday. >> the white christmas gave way to a rainy day. that could make travel dicey. we have the conditions and what it's like at this hour. >> it's whipping up.
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the wind whipping up. that's going to make travel difficult and lots of things difficulty -- difficult. people in baltimore county are expected to get their power restored by 11:00 tonight. this is the second part of this lovely storm. we saw the white christmas. it was beautiful. then it turned ugly today. this is the scene from westminster early this morning in carroll county where they saw a big burst of snow at 8:00 this morning. it looked great, made travel dicey with state highway crews putting down salt. it turned to sleet and the rain we saw move through the entire baltimore area. it made travel really dicey about noontime. there's a little bit of flooding on the side roads as it makes its way on to the streets. that's dicey as well but many
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people changing their plans in advance of saturday. we're teaing -- anticipating dicey weather. while conditions are normal at bwi, they're reporting a number of delays and cancellations. new york, philly, atlanta. so if you're messing with your holiday plans trying to get back, make sure you check your airline before you travel. be airful on the roads -- careful on the roads. but for now we're live in valley forge. state highway crews are hitting the roteds to make -- roads to make sure they are safe for drivers. they've been watching the storm track for days. this is the perfect temperature to treat with salt because it's much colder. different chemicals have to be
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used. >> on the interstates we have sensors that are embedded in part of the pavement. so if we see an area that's wet, it will tell whether it's wet or dry, the salineity is getting diluted. >> drivers should be prepared to hit the road, charge your cell phone and keep a flashlight or shovel. your flight could be ground thanks to severe weather. if canceled, airlines will automatically rebook you. there are a few things you can do to increase your odds of getting on a plane. get in line to talk to a customer service rep to see if it could be changed.
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you can call the airline directly. consider buying a one-day pass to the airline lounge for comfort. they may be able to help you find a seat faster. we've been spending our time getting ready for the hole days. if you woke up without snow supplies, you're not the only one. ace hardware on york road has seen people slowly come in to pick up what they need for winter. >> people slowly trickling in to get their supplies. snow shovels, ice melt, the normal supplies. >> the store said it will not burn through all of its stock but you moot want to pick up some supplies now. to stay updated on the weather, head to there, you can find any weather
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related information and download our interactive weather app to you can take maryland's forecast with you on the go. tonight a taneytown man is dead after a police shot him in front of his home on christmas night. edward becker, seen here from a previous -- previous asexual assault asalt arrest -- >> the subject continued to approach them. he raised the hammer as if to strike the officer. the officer then discharged his weapon, striking him in the upper torso. >> becker died in a nearby hospital. december is the month we see the most alcohol related
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arrests. they're doing something about it. don harrison recently went along for a ride to see what they're doing to stop drinking and driving. >> holiday parties go hand in hand. they want to make sure drinking and driving don't. so far this year there have been over 1400 dwi arrests in the county, 68 in december so far. >> i need you to park your truck. >> reporter: eric is one main reason why. >> saved lives. >> reporter: eric spent 8 1/2 years on the shift. >> getting an empaired driver off the roadway. >> reporter: it's not just a
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drunk driver but dangerous driving, too this car was going 92 miles an hour in a 40-mile-an-hour zone. when eric put his lights and sirens on, the car sped up and continued to run until he sped into a driveway. the driver was a 17-year-old boy. >> i have you above 90 miles an hour in a 40-mile-an-hour zone. >> reporter: the pairntion police said, was his father. >> you're letting him drive like that? >> are you going to speak to me? >> reporter: the driver was given a $405 speeding ticket. >> now their lives are forever changed because one person decided to get behind the wheel of a car under the infliewfnlts the saturation patrols will continue through the holidays and run throughout the year.
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in pasadena, abc2 news. local folks invested money with an infamous insurance sales man. now that hal katz is out of business, the millions they gave him is gone. friends and family say they're fighting to get back what they lost when they trusted mr. katz. . >> tonight at 11 what of katz' closest friends talk about the betrayal of trust. shoppers headed back to stores to return presents and pick up deals. we'll take you inside a store where customers flock. >> and news about children and obesity. what positive signs research has
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uncovered. >> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. an ugly day of winter weather and cold rain, but a new storm is beginning to brew to the south and the west. we'll talk about what that could mean for your neighborhood after the break.
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efforts to avoid the fiscal cliff will get underway tomorrow. president obama spent the day in hawaii thanking the troops for their service. time is running out and so far, lawmakers have struggled to find
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a compromise. >> then they say go back to the table, not your own table, but the table in washington because middle class people shouldn't have their income go up an average of $2,000 a year. >> some experts say a smaller simpler deal that delays the toughest issues could get us over the fiscal cliff gently. starbucks is taking a stand on the fiscal cliff. the chain's ceo is asking stores to write "come together" on the coffee cups they sell tomorrow. starbucks says workers are not required to write the message though. there is a positive sign for the economy that housing is rebounding. home prices were up more than 4% in october compared to a year ago. that's the biggest percentage
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gain in more than two years. despite increase home price are still down 29% from the peak in june of 2006. it's become as much of a seasonal shopping tradition as black friday, the day people return gifts and look for a better deal. >> reporter: earlier today it looked and felt like the day after christmas with the falling snow and people in their cars sloshing their way to the stores in the mall. >> my aunt gave me a gift card to macy's. i was going to see what they have. if there's something i like, i will get my mom to buy it. >> i don't have any returns. >> i'm returning my coach purse because i'm getting a different
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color. >> reporter: for many stores, despite slushy weather, the business wasn't all that bad. >> we do get some returns. primarily our customers are coming in to, change for size or add on. >> are you aware of the sale. >> reporter: for this key holder, you can buy cosmetics and it's the sales that keep bringing them back. >> we have a really nice one. the day before was busy. still quiet today because we have the slush going on. >> i notice a lot of 40% off, pretty pleased with the shopping i've done. i'm not finished. >> it was good. everything is good. it was a good christmas. no returns. >> reporter: in towson,
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reporting for abc2 news. you might have received a gift you know you will never use. there are a few rules to fo -- to follow. first, don't bother asking for cash. many stores will give you a store credit. or you condition sell it through a third marketplace if you have a gift card. also, go when stores are slow. pick a day and time when stores aren't busy. if you wait too long, you might miss the chance to exchange that gift. some encouraging news about children and obesity. for years experts have been warning about childhood obesity rates climbing. now we may be starting the new year in a new direction. dr. timothy johnson explains. >> according to the centers of disease control and prevention, childhood obesity has more than
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tripled in the last 30 years. obesity is associated with increased cardiovascular risk send likely to continue into adulthood. doctors at the cdc studied data on more than 26 million children ages two to four from low income families in 30 states. in a letter published in the journal of american medical association, obesity went down from 15% in 2003 to 14% in 2010. the authors believe theirs is the first study to indicate that obesity and extreme obesity in u.s. children may have begun to decline. with this medical minute, i'm dr. timothy johnson.
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>> some improvement in terms of new precipitation coming down. still got rain if eastern sealsle county and some showers wrapping in on the back side of this thing into carroll county. i'll put maryland's most powerful radar into motion. there's cold air on the back edge. we have a mixed showers scenario where you am some of the higher snow totals, totals pushing three inches well west of baltimore. radar indicated rain, damascus. there could be snow mixing in with that. take a look at the overall setup. a winter weather advisory. the eastern set of those advisories only last through 7 p.m. we'll see if there's an extension in the higher country.
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you have an advisory overnight for much more winter conditions. high wind conditions will be a could be certain. tonight and tomorrow through the afternoon tomorrow winds could push 40 miles an hour. we already have early reports of power outage. weather in most throughout the day, check this out. man, not much of a changeover in carroll county. snow on the ground. laurel today we did see the changeover. you see the snow melting off the rooftops after we picked up an inch to inch and a half. same thing in baltimore and changing over to rain, washing everything away, still some slush out there. 41 for the current air temp. obviously, that's well above freezing. well west of the town you have to watch out for slick spots. wind gusts up to 330. wind chill factors are cold, almost freezing in baltimore, dropping the air temp in places
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like altoona. it feels like 15. the storm system continuing to work its way out. we could get some scattered light showers, rain and snow showers overnight. i think the bulk of this is a done deal. and then some clearing tomorrow but the wind is going to be ramping up. some clearing and no real new precipitation through tomorrow. this storm headed out. so let's turn our attention to the change has we go through the weekend. blustery conditions. we're set for dry weather through friday but then as we go into the day friday our second storm developing in the gulf of mexico will arrive up the coast. it's a pattern for maryland this time of the year. with snow pack i think we can get a couple inches but the timing and rain snow line all to
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be determined. that could move the rain/snow line. 34, clearing and windy. if you don't shovel you'll have ice tomorrow night. we get a windy one tomorrow, clearing and it's all about saturday and saturday night when that next coastal storm will run up the coast. this is the third type of storm on saturday tend does look winter. at this point maybe two, three inches and more rain toward the eastern shore. >> looks like a little more than today, though. coming up after world news tonight stick around to watch "the list." they're tackling the tricky subject of unfriending someone on facebook. >> doing a little facebook house
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cleaning. why it might be a got time to part ways. coming up tonight at 7:00 on the list.
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here's a look at what we're working on. did you get a new tablet or smartphone? plus, a big step forward for maryland live, what the casino plans to do tomorrow morning for
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the very last time. those stories and more when you join us for abc2 news at 11. more on the weather. it's gotten much more active starting with christmas eve. we have one more coming saturday. take a quick check of the setup. some mixed showers to the west. carroll county, the tip is closer to freezing. drive with care. it's close to freezing. so err on the side of caution. windy and clear thursday. much fires friday but then we go -- much nicer friday but then we go downhill. >> that's all we va we'll see you at 11:00. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu.
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